ICET 2020

8 May - 12 May 2020 | Chengdu, China | Virtual Conference

During early 2020, many countries and regions has been going through a hard time due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Due to this reason, 2020 IEEE The 3rd International Conference on Electronics Technology (ICET) has been converted to a virtual conference.

Conference Proceedings (IEEE Xplore) (Scopus&EI Compendex)

ISBN: 978-1-7281-6282-9

Opening & Keynote Speeches

Opening remarks from Prof. Yuan Lin, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Prof. Shiwen Yang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China | IEEE Fellow
Keynotes: Prof. Chonglin Chen, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA; Prof. Gang Feng, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China; Prof. Andrea Massa, University of Trento, Italy | IEEE Fellow; Prof . Vladimir Terzija, The University of Manchester, UK | IEEE Fellow; Prof. Weihao Hu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China.

Parallel Sessions

Winners of Oral Sessions

Amelioration of Coaxial Cavity Antenna
Ms. Men Gao, Duoli Cao, Qingli Lv
China Academy of Space Technology, China

Radar Adaptive Waveform Selection Behavior Recognition Based on Neural Network
Mr. Kaiyuan Zhang, Junpeng Yu, Xiaoyan Peng, Yifei Hao
UESTC, China

Effects of Drain Doping Profile and Gate Structure on Ambipolar Current of TFET
Mr. Jie Li, Qian Xie, Anpeng Huang, Zheng Wang
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

A Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Reactive Voltage Coordination Control Strategy in Active Distribution Network
Mr. Yunfei Xu, Yanxiang Yao, Yujiang Li, Changqi Li
Dali Power Supply Bureau, Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd, China

Planning of PV-ESS System for Distribution Network Considering PV Penetration
Gangjin Ye, Junhai Wang, Xuan Yang, Ms. Lebing Zhao, Jiayi Shang, Mengyao Wu, and Tianyu Zhao
Zhejiang University, China

An FPGA-Based Reconfigurable CNN Accelerator for YOLO
Mr. Shiguang Zhang, Jian Cao, Quan Zhang, Qi Zhang, Ying Zhang, Yuan Wang
Peking University, China

Performance Analysis of Width and Thickness Tapered Geometries on Electrical Power Harvested from a Unimorph Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam
Mr. Dauda Sh. Ibrahim, Sun Beibei, Orelaja Adewale Oluseyi and Umer Sharif
Southeast University, China

Research on Simplification Techniques of a Spur Suppressing Method in DDFS
Mr. Yuan Xue, Zhongsong Ma
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

System Reserve Optimization Considering Uncertainties of Wind Power and Load Forecasting
Gangjin Ye, Qiang Xu, Haibo Lu, Weiting Qian, Mr. Shenglan Xu, Xuan Yang, Mengyao Wu
Zhejiang University, China

Implementation method of CORDIC algorithm to improve DDFS performance
Mr. Wenjun Chen, Tianya Wu, Wangwang Tang, Kai Jin, Guangming Huang
Central China Normal University, China

Optimization Design of Coupling Mechanism of Wireless Power Transfer System Based on LCC/S Topology
Nan Liu, Mr. Xinfang Gao, Zhongping Yang, Fei Lin, Yi Wang, Yuyu Geng
Beijing Jiaotong University, China

A 92%-Efficiency Hybrid Envelope Tracking Modulator based on 3-Level Hysteresis-Controlled Buck Converter with Capacitor Current Integration Sensor
Mr. Zhehan Zhuang, Qian Xie, Zheng Wang
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

A New Compensation Pixel Circuit based on A-Si TFTs
Dr. Bin Liu, Quansheng Liu, Jingjing Liu, Feng Zhu, Hang Zhou
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, China

Nickel Oxide Hole Transporting Layer for High Efficiency Two-dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskite Solar Cell
Mr. Yan Shangqin, Zhong Hong, Zhou Hang
Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, Shenzhen, China

Integrated Energy Monitoring and Management Platform Based on Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things
Yan Xu, Mr. Jianhao Zhang
North China Electric Power University (Baoding), China

Design of a Synchronous Rectifier Flyback DC-DC Converter Using GaN FETs for Commercial Aerospace Applications
Dr. Qiang Tong
Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, China

A Novel Adaptive Rate Matching Algorithm based on LDPC for Satellite Communication
Zhongliang Deng, Ms. Yanyue Yang, Ke Wang, Wenliang Lin, Ruiliang Song and Xiaotian Zhou
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

MPPT Test Based on Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Platform of Photovoltaic Systems
Wenchong Huang, Ms. Mengyao Shu, Tianyu Li, Yaojie Sun, Lei Ma
Fudan University, China

A Reconfigurable Mixed signal CMOS Design for Multiple STDP Learning Rules
Mr. Chongyang Huan, Yuan Wang, Xiaoxin Cui, Xing Zhang
Peking University, China

Fault Location Method for DC Distribution Network Based on Impedance Parameters Identification
Xu Yan, Ms. Cheng Shu, Xue Yanjing
North China Electric Power University, China

Unmanned Shop Laboratory: An Extensible and Scalable Research, Teaching and Learning Smart Space System
Dr. Peter ChunYu YAU, WOO Hok Luen, Dennis WONG, Joe Wai Kin KAN
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

Distributed Adaptive Tracking Control of Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Input Saturation
Dr. Boxian-Lin, Weihao-Li, Kaiyu-Qin, Xi Chen
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Fortified Network Security Perception: A Decentralized Multiagent Coordination Perspective
Dr. Ming Liu, Lu Ma, Chao Li, Ruiguang Li

A Study on the Path Planning Algorithm of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Prof. Deyu Zhang, Yue Gu, Yanhui Lv, Haolei Sun
Shenyang Ligong University, China

A Passive Detection Method of Divers Based on Deep Learning
Mr. Bo Jin, Gaofeng Xu
China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology, China

Application of Hamming Code Based Error Correction Algorithm in Quantum Key Distribution System
Dr. Xiaodong Zhong, Ge Jin
University of Science and Technology of China