ICET 2025

Call for Paper/征稿通知

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Track 1: Antennas and Microwaves 微波天线

Track 2: Electronics Materials and Devices 电子材料与器件

Track 3: Communication and Networks 通信和网络

Track 4: Power and Electrical Engineering 电力与电气工程

Track 5: Aerospace & Electronics Systems 航空和电子系统

Track 6: Electronics Applications 电子应用

Track 7: Internet of Things 物联网

Track 8: Embedded System 嵌入式系统

Track 9: AI and Applications 人工智能与应用

Track 10: Control and Robotics 控制与机器人

Track 11: Signal Processing 信号处理

Special Sessions

Session 1: Emerging Semiconductor Thin Film Materials and Devices

Session 2: Semiconductor Devices, Integrated Circuits and Applications


Session 3: Recent Advances on Radar Technologies for Target Detection, Imaging, and Recognition


Session 4: Emerging Computing: From Device, Circuit to System


Session 5: Advanced Signal Processing Methods in Geoscience


Session 6: Resource Allocation Schemes for Mono-static/Multi-static Radar Systems


Session 7: Cloud-Edge-End Collaborative Computing: Methods and Applications