ICET 2023

12 May - 15 May 2023 | Chengdu, China

Opening & Keynote Speeches

ICET 2023 has received significant attention and support from numerous universities and companies. ICET 2023 is organized by the Sichuan Electronic Society with technical support from IEEE Chengdu Section, Chengdu Section SSC/CAS Joint Chapter, Chengdu Section AP/EMC Chapter, Chengdu Section SP Chapter. It has also garnered strong support from institutions such as the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Xi'an University of Technology, as well as the Singapore Electronics Society. The conference has brought together over 300 experts and scholars in the field of electronic technology to discuss and exchange the latest trends and future directions of electronic technology development. The successful organization of this conference not only contributes to the advancement of electronic technology but also provides a platform for communication within the electronic academic community.
The conference has invited five domestic and international experts to deliver keynote speeches, including Prof. Zhihua Wang, Tsinghua University, China (FIEEE, FCIE, FCIC); Prof. Yu Wang, Tsinghua University, China (IEEE Fellow); Prof. Jin He, Peking University, China; Prof. Xiaoqing Wen, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan (IEEE Fellow); Prof. Tao Jin, Fuzhou University, China (IET Fellow).

本次会议得到了众多高校和企业的关注与支持,ICET 2023由四川省电子学会主办,IEEE Chengdu Section, Chengdu Section SSC/CAS Joint Chapter, Chengdu Section AP/EMC Chapter, Chengdu Section SP Chapter提供技术支持,同时获得电子科技大学、四川大学、西南交通大学、西安理工大学,以及新加坡电子学会等单位的有力支持,聚集了300余名电子技术领域内的专家和学者,共同探讨交流了最新的电子技术发展趋势以及未来的发展方向。会议的成功举办不仅有助于促进电子技术的发展,也为电子学界提供了交流平台。


ICET 2023会议集体照

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Invited Speakers


ICET 2023 Awards

Young Scientist Awards | 最佳青年科学家奖



Best Student Paper Award | 优秀学生论文奖

Title: 4.9 GHz A1-mode Lamb Wave Resonator based on Partially Released LN Film
Authors: Zhuo Zhang, Ting-Yang Zhang, Qin-Wen Huang, Shao-hua Yang, Xiao-Sheng Zhang, Cheng Tu

Title: A SiPM-Based Wireless Neutron-Gamma Spectrometer for Remote Monitoring
Authors: Qi Hu, Haoqi Ye, Ge Jin



Title: A 55uW BLE Wake-up Receiver with Offset-based Peak Detection Achieving -90dBm Sensitivity
Authors: Yan Zhao, Chao Chen, Jun Yang


Title: Scaling Deep-Learning Pneumonia Detection Inference on a Reconfigurable Self-Contained Hardware Platform
Authors: Jiangkun Wang, Khanh N. Dang, Abderazek Ben Abdallah


Title: Modified L-shape Eight-Port Array Antenna for 5G Smartphone Application
Authors: Hassan Sani Abubakar, Zhiqin Zhao, Boning Wang, Saad Hassan Kiani, Mohamed Marey and Sajjad Hussain

Title: Static and Vibration Analysis of Manned Lunar Rover Frame Based on Ansys
Authors: Danning Wang, Xiangpeng Liu, Sijia Chen and Dongxu Jiang

Title: Electrothermal Coupling Response of Multi-layer PCB Interconnects Based on Tensorial Analysis Network
Authors: Yang Liu, Dehang Wu and Zhifei Xu

Title: Synthesis of Sparse Linear Arrays With Focused Beampattern via Sequential Atomic Norm Optimization
Authors: Zihao Li, Min Wu and Chengpeng Hao

 ICET 2023 IEEE Conference Proceedings (ISBN: 979-8-3503-3768-6)