US Dollars


    Full Paper (Students) 430 USD 3000 RMB
    Full Paper (Regular) 480 USD 3350 RMB
    Abstract (Students) 300 USD 2100 RMB
    Abstracts (Regular) 350 USD 2450 RMB
    Invited Speaker 300 USD 2100 RMB
    Listener 250 USD 1750 RMB
    Addtional Paper 400 USD/per paper 2800 RMB/每篇
    Additional Page 70 USD/per page 490 RMB/每页
    Regular papers exceed FIVE pages will be charged at 70 USD/per page.
    Extra Proceedings 70 USD/per one 490 RMB/每本

Payment / 付款方式

Accommodation / 住宿

  • Accommodation is not included in registration fee, the delegates need reserve rooms themselves, we advise you reserve rooms as early as you can.
  • The conference staff won't require your personal card information for booking service. Please don't trust anyone.