Control and Robotics / 控制与机器人

An engineering discipline that is on the rise, control and robotics engineering is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation from people with a background in mechanical, electrical, or software engineering. Control engineering is the engineering discipline that focuses on mathematical modeling of systems of a diverse nature, analyzing their dynamic behavior, and using control theory to create a controller that will cause the systems to behave in a desired manner. Robotics is the science and technology of robots, and their design, manufacture, and application.

ICET 2023/CR will take place at Chengdu, China, from May 12-15, 2023. This key electronics event should be a "must attend" on your conference calendar.

Call for Papers Timeline / 征稿时间

  • Submission Deadline: December 20th, 2023
  • Notification Date : January 20th, 2024
  • Registration Deadline: February 10th, 2023

ICET 2023/ Control and Robotics Chairs

  • Chair: Jianxiao Zou, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  • Co-chair: Haiying Dong, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China

Call for Papers / 征稿主题

Control and Robotics / 控制与机器人


• Adaptive control
• Robust control
• Process control
• Complex systems
• Co-operative control
• Identification and estimation
• Nonlinear systems
• Intelligent systems
• Discrete event systems
• Hybrid systems
• Networked control systems
• Sensor network systems
• Delay systems
• Neural networks
• Fuzzy systems
• Control of biological systems
• Precision motion control
• Control applications
• Control engineering education
• Robotic manipulators
• Robotic hands
• Mobile robots
• Walking robots
• Aids for disabled persons
• Tele-robots
• Microelectro-mechanical systems